Why invest in property? There are three reasons I want to share with you.


There are many reasons to purchase an investment property, but three stand out as the most compelling.


      1. Appreciation: If you think historically rising real estate values are a good future indicator, an investment property is a good choice for you. I personally believe that 10, 20, and 30 years from now, property values will be much higher, making it an excellent investment vehicle.

              With a rental unit, a tenant pays the mortgage for you.

      2. A tenant pays your asset: Aside from the down payment and costs associated with buying the property, you have a tenant effectively buying the property for you by paying for the mortgage.


      3. Positive cash flow: Of course, you want to buy an investment property where the numbers make sense. If the investment has positive cash flow, you get a monthly stipend month after month. You can use this money now, or use it to reinvest in the property to pay down the loan even faster.


When you cash out on an investment property later in life, you'll be able to have a more luxurious life, pay for your kids' college, and many other things. If you'd like to learn more about investing in real estate, don't hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. Let's talk soon!