"He did a fantastic job! He was very fast and delivered everything that was promised to us. We were unable to sell our home when we first put it on the market, and because of that, we hired Paul. Two days after he took over, we had offers on our home. Paul is a great guy, a great real estate agent, and very professional."

"Paul is an absolute professional realtor who is extremely well organized, and extremely aggressive. He was very aware of other situations. I can't say enough about Paul. He's the best Realtor I've ever had, and I've sold four houses in the past. I would certainly hire him again, should the situation arise, and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home."

"It was a very good experience. He always seemed to have the answer to questions before we even asked him! We always looked forward to our Friday afternoon chat with him during our transaction. I really feel as though he was very knowledgeable, and we felt really good about our experience."

"The sale of my home went really well. Paul did a great job of helping me out by explaining the process. He advised me on the various options of vendors to work with. He helped me with every decision made and was able to sell my home. I didn't think it was even possible. This home was really difficult to sell, as it was by the main highway. I don't know what kind of magic he worked, as other agents failed to sell my home. All of the admin work done by his staff went well, and all of our questions were answered in a timely manner. The process worked, and that's what mattered."

"He was an excellent communicator. He called me once a week to keep me updated with what was happening. He as able to close the deal on a very difficult situation with a buyer, getting her to finally reach a sales agreement. He was able to plan the closing for both me and the buyer and coordinate my move to Georgia. He had my interest in mind all the way up until the move into my new home."

Things were very positive. We had a good initial meeting, where we decided on the price and plan to sell quickly. He brought us a full price offer within a week of going on the market. He had very good communication and worked with us to move things along as quickly as possible.


Paul was everything I wanted. My home was very odd, being an old farm house built in 1857 that had originally built on several hundred acres. Because of the historic value, the developer chose to keep the home intact, surrounding the accompanying acres with a contemporary development.

It really took some unique marketing to the right family in a niche market, and he did it! They're super happy and so am I.  


I got excellent results working with Paul Herrick. He listed our house, and four days later we had a contract on it! He’s the real estate guy that everyone would want, as he’s well planned out, and communicates everything with the client. He’s very well organized and has all his ducks in a row. Very professional. If I was to do it all again, I would call Paul.  

Excellent! I bought a place, and we negotiated a good price. He does this for a living, and he is extremely diligent. When I needed something, he always returned the call in an hour. It was an immediate response.  I refer friends to him, and he's picked up a few clients, because I know he does this full time, and treats his clients in an exceptionally professional manner.  He does everything he can to make his clients happy.  


The home got sold! We got close to the asking price, and the deal got done. Despite the fact that I was not located near the property, and we never met in person, we were still able to get the job done. 


Paul was referred to me by an attorney after my brother passed away. Paul had called me months before the house was ready to be listed. He assured me it would be a smooth transaction, and everything turned out very well, for me being out of state.  I didn't even have to go to the closing! He made it so comfortable, and did everything he said he would do. 

"My experience with Paul, from start to finish, was fabulous. The man worked very hard to sell my house, and ended up with the most offers on any property he's ever sold, and did such a phenomenal job. The man is incredible!"

"He did a great job,  and worked very hard. We had a lot of issues getting the house sold, as the  buyers ended up giving up on the offer, and he helped me through all that. He took care of the things I couldn't do myself, and was very helpful throughout the whole process."

“He's actually the second realtor I hired for this property. Paul from the get go was on it. I would call him an active realtor in the sense that he was actively selling the property before it was officially listed on the market. He would say, “Hey I'm promoting your property already.” He called me every Thursday for the duration of the selling period to let me know where things stood. I should mention it sold the very first day it was on the market. Every Thursday after that he would call me and say here's what the buyers are doing, here’s where we’re at, let me talk to you about it. He was always available and I felt very comfortable the whole time. It's a scary thing to sell a house especially this being the first house I ever sold so he made me feel like I was in control.” -Jessica

"I thought the results were excellent, we managed to list and sell a house during the holiday season rather quickly.

He was always good about keeping in touch with us letting us know about any updates and very good about answering any questions that we had along the way."

"We got the property sold and that was good. I know there was some complications with my sale that Paul helped work through and get things resolved."

"Paul was a realtor for selling a house that we previously had on the market for about six months. It didn't sell when it came off the market that's when Paul contacted us and we interviewed him as well as several other realtors. We selected him because we felt he had good knowledge of the local market that he was a guy who was very disciplined in his approach and he took a more active approach to selling houses. So we went with him. He basically came in did the photographs and got a purchase offer on the house within the first two weeks so we were happy about that. As far as things went on negotiating the final price he offered guidance and we closed the deal."


"It was good I never had any issues. Actually what happened is I already had a sale for the property and he actually took over the contact. He did a good job handling it I had no problems at all I was happy with everything. Very good result and very good relationship."

"They ended up being satisfactory. In the end the final buyer worked with a V.A. loan and there were some aspects to have the V.A. do their appraisal/inspection and its different then what the state requires so there was some things he had to make work. So I think he went above and beyond with that. I think with the overall challenge we all faced to make this come through there was a lot of interaction, which I give him credit for. A lot of back and forth."


"My results were excellent. He came through with his promise to sell it quickly. He actually called me when we were interviewing other agents. He asked us to consider him, and when I said I don't know, he assured us he could be there in ten minutes. He convinced my wife and I that we was the right guy. He was very aggressive, and a real go-getter, and got us results."



"He helped us find our house in the winter of 2004. We didn't even know that was his first time as a realtor. He was very professional, and listened to our needs in a house. Each house we looked at fit most of what was on our list. Ten years later, I called him again, not only because I liked working with him, but when it came to business he was very professional. I was confident that we would get us a good deal on the house. We put a bid in on one house, and lost it, however we loved the next house that came along and felt confident in our bid and got the house! We felt like he presented well and got the house because of it."


 "The results were very good. He was a great, realistic agent for me. I tried to sell my property last year, and did not. He has a great marketing strategy, and the house sold for a price that I liked. When we first interviewed him, he showed us his marketing plan, and once I listed the property with him, he looked at his master strategy and it went very well for me"




"I’ve worked with Paul Herrick on two occasions, once to buy a house and then to sell a house. He was very professional. Paul is always willing to go the extra mile and keep me informed on the process. He reached out to the buyers to facilitate negotiations, and he was able to reach an agreeable price. I’ve sold five houses, and I’d say he goes above and beyond compared to most Realtors!"


 "He listened to what I needed. He showed me what was available at the time, and adjusted along the way. He fed it to me in a way that I could understand. At the end of the day, I was certainly happy with the product!"


"Paul Herrick gave us exactly what we needed to get this deal. We had been dealing with another Realtor for almost a year and a half. In a very short period of time, Paul was able to get the buyers for the price that we were requesting. He was right on the money! He was experienced, and he was actually there for us to answer all of our questions. He was able to make the buyer confident that it was a good fit for them. He know what it takes to convince the buyer!"


 "Pretty much from start to finish, he was excellent to work with and went above and beyond. He was very good at following up and checking in to make sure things were moving along quickly."


 "He took us through the whole process. We had never sold a home before and he just walked us through everything. He was really good about doing what he said he was going to do. If he told me he was going to follow up on certain time or certain day, he did that. It was really great!"


"I have no complaints and I’m happy that we were able to sell my commercial property. Paul was very thorough and he always followed up with me, even when things weren’t happening he would still call me. He was so professional and knowledgeable and if I were to sell another home or anything, I would call Paul, he was great."


"We really wanted to sell our home quickly and Paul really helped us meet our objectives. We set a good price for the home and was able to get it on the market quickly. We actually sold it before our first open house using Paul’s unique tactics!"